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National Institute Of Management Mumbai Fakes

National Institute of Management the Mumbai Crime Branch is aiding the Vadodara police in investigating the lately broke scam of fake bona fides of the National Institute of Management Mumbai.
say Inspector D L Zala said whole establishes named below its umbrella are now below the scanner. This also contributes the trust that runs the National Institute of Management Mumbai around twelve arms in India. in the meanwhile, Ashraf Khan, the franchisee of National Institute Of Management Mumbai has been bilking catch and has been declared desired.

This is to clear everybody with the fact that National Institute of Management, the so called “NIM” is the largest fraud I have ever seen. They call up people from the resume database of and ask them to enrol themselves in the MBA program provided by NIM. They proudly say that they are associated to the Maharashta Government, and UKAS, attempting to take the people in confide phony assay-mark scam being run by National Institute of Management, mumbai. NIM documents have no market value. They are forcing students to pay by Cash (even although it is meant on their form that cash is not assumed.). If the students have built full gains of fees, they are still being told to create extra costs to get good marks or to assume their bona fides. The papers like Indian Express have awakened the curtain on NIM’s misbehaviors in Ahemdabad and Baroda. Students wish to complain on the issue of fake authentication. Even though the NIM divisions are under legal questioning, they are still stealing the students.


National Institute Of Management

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