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National Institute of Mental Health Hyderabad

National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped demonstrated in the year 1984 at Manovikasnagar, Secunderabad (AP) is a self-governing Body under the administrative control of Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India and thus the institute is fast confronting towards its silver jubilee to celebrate its devoted serves to persons with mental deceleration in the national interest. NIMH has three regional centers settled at New Delhi, Kolkata, & Mumbai, NIMH Model Special Education Center situated at New Delhi. The institute strives to excel in building capacities to empower persons with mental retardation.

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Director / CVO
Mr. T.C.Sivakumar,
E – Mail:

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  1. Sir/Madam,

    I am suffering from mental disorder for last 7 years. I married a foreigner lady from different religion. I got a shock when my wife left me after having physical intercourse with another guy and married him and left me. I could not give her time because of my hectic schedule in office. I have been under Psychiatric treatment for last 7 years due to this. But the medicines are not working. I see hallucinations specially in the evening after sun goes down,when i feel very lonely. I don’t trust girls or women anymore. My first doctor suggested and prescribed for ECT at Asha Hospital Hyderabad,but due to some reasons or other,my family members didn’t allow me to go for it.I am in Calcutta now and under the treatment of a Psychiatrist from National Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi.He has prescribed me different medicines, but they are not working.I go crazy. My ex-wife still comes in my dream and laughs at me. I slit my hand, blood gushes out and I calm down. It is better to slit own hand than to slit others, that’s what I feel. My present psychiatrist told me and my family members that I might need a surgery to erase my past and come out of this disorder. I want to know is there really any surgery which would erase my past ? I have lost my job in Satyam Computers,Hyd after the scandal of Satyam Computers.I am still jobless which is causing more depression.Is there any medicine to erase my past ? I am unable to forget my past and at times I see people laughing at me standing vertically above me. My humble request is please do reply to this mail,describe what kind of mental disorder is this and suggest me medicines or surgery if there is any. Please suggest me something which would erase my past. That is killing me everyday.

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