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PG In Perssonel Manegement Pune University

PG In Perssonel Manegement Pune University

The University of Pune (formerly the University of Poona), situated in North Western Pune, is one of India’s prime universities. It was launched in 1949. Extended above a 400 acre (1.6 kmĀ²) campus, the university is home to 46 academic departments.there are offered Post Graduation In Perssonel Manegement program for their student.

About PG In Perssonel Manegement Program
Master in Personnel Management (MPM)
Duration: 2 years (Part Time)
Association: University of Pune
No.of Seats: 60
Semester: IV
Student must be Graduates of any faculty from any statutory University shall be qualified for admission to the M.P.M. program.

Pune, Maharashtra, India

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