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Punjabi university Patiala date sheet

Punjabi university Patiala date sheet 2010

Punjabi university was set up in April 30, 1962 in the Belonging to some prior time princely state of Patiala with the main objective of Promote the growth of the cause of Punjabi language, art and literature, Punjabi University has since evolved into the largest University in the state. The University Brought about or set up or accepted; especially long established a separate and Developed or designed for a special activity or function Department of Gurmat Sangeet, aimed at propagation and preservation of Gurubani through the exclusive A kind of literary or artistic work of devotional music.

Date sheet 2010
Punjabi University Patiala date sheet 2010 is available online on university website

Patiala – 147 002
Phone Number 3046598/99
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