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SAT Syllabus

SAT Syllabus
The SAT Reasoning Test is a standardized test for college admissions in the USA. The SAT is owned, issued, and originated by the College Board, a non-profit organization in the USA. The College Board claims the test can assess a student’s readiness for college. . It was formerly originated, issued, and scored by the Educational Testing Service which still administers the exam. The test was 1st started in 1901, and its name and scoring have changed various times. The College Board states that the SAT evaluates literacy and writing skills that are required for academic success in college.

Syllabus Detail
Starting from the academic year 2011-12, the science and mathematics curriculum for standards XI and XII will be uniform across all boards — HSC, ICSE and CBSE. This means all junior colleges will teach the same topics and subjects and entrance examinations for several professional and degree courses will be based on the new syllabus.
The test comprises of:
Two 25-minute sections and one 20-minute section
48 reading comprehension questions
19 sentence completion questions
Scored on a 200 to 800 point scale
Passage-Based Reading
Students will be asked to read short and long passages followed by some multiple-choice questions.
Sentence Completions
Students will be presented with an incomplete sentence and be asked to finish it with the correct word or words.
EduXcel Online Critical Reading Course Syllabus
Comprehension Passages
Reading and Working with the Passage
Working with the SAT vocabulary
Chapter Review and Question Bank
Strategies for Tough Reading Comprehension
Attacking Difficult Long Passage
Simple Approach to the Solution
Chapter Review and Question Bank
Sentence Completion
Easy Way to Sentence Completion
Strategies for Long Sentence Completion
Using Clues
Word Charge
Working Backward
Chapter Review and Question Bank
For more detail see the website.

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