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SIDCO Chennai

Sikkim Industrial Development & Investment Corporation Ltd. (SIDICO) was set up in the year 1977 as a company under the enrollment of parties Act, Sikkim, 1961 for the growth of small and medium scale businesses in the State and to do the twin role of State Industrial growth firm and State no financial firm. The City and no industrial growth firm of Maharashtra or CIDCO is a city designing system made by the authorities of Maharashtra.

CIDCO was formed on 17 March 1970 under the Indian parties Act of 1956. Its aim at the time of its establishing was to develop a planet town to Mumbai, Maharashtra India to ease traffic symptom in the city and provide open spaces, playing fields, structure and developed attitudes outside the city. CIDCO, after more than three tens of its establishment, is known as one of the leading systems in Urban Planning Development and Management, in India and abroad. CIDCO’s recognition as a conducting designing Authority rests on the competence and expertness of its core sections and designing is the first among them.

Sikkim Industrial Development & Investment Corporation Ltd
N-3,Plot No 106,Cidco
City: Abramabad
Zip Code: 431005
City: Abramabad
State: Maharashtra
Pin code: 431005
Telephone Number:

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