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Water Supply and Sanitation Department Mohali


Water Supply & Sanitation Department said it was acting serves for the procedure of burst type air cooled down central air specifying plant, split/window type air-coaches and fire active system at Kaput House in New Delhi.

Although a few more days are left for the onset of peak summertimes, water troubles have easy begun to hangout Mohali, which will go on to reel under water woes until gap amongst the demand and furnish is bridged over.

The only long-term solution to install Phase V and VI Kakatoe Water Works, which will supply 40 MGD canal water, seems a aloof dream as GMADA, while citing dearth of funds for attempting the project sanctioned alone for Mohali, had cited the design to the center for backing under JNNURM.

Mohali is formulating fast, cherished little is being done to ensure ample water supply in the city. With summers approaching, residents are bearing the brunt of water shortage and low water force.

Water Supply and Sanitation Department
Mohali –
Punjab – India


  1. HSPS

    Mohali water supply system has been studied for its various deficiencies which include planning & design efficiencies, construction deficiencies, operation and maintenance inefficiencies and so on. A detailed performance assessment study for water system has been done by water supply & sanitation department and these deficiencies has been identified and the department is undertaking various improvement works for removing these bottle necks of the system including reducing UFW (unaccounted for water).Rehabilitation/augmentation and up-gradation of various infrastructure have also been undertaken. Encouraging results are already pouring in. For e3xample, rationing of water(where top floors used to get water every second day) was practiced every summer, starting from 1st March to July or August and this was in practice for last so many years,has now been discontinued which have given a great relief to Mohali citizens. Further improvement in water supply in terms of adequate quantity, sufficient pressure, quality and reliability are under process and better water supply services than neighbouring Chanidgarh & Panchkula are expected in near future. The department is working on improving the performance of water system round the clock in spite of huge gap between demand & supply.
    Let us hope for the best.

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  2. Jagdeep Rana

    Pls provide the sanitation schedule at ward no 1 Eakta vihar simran appartment baltana

    Posted on 12-May-10 at 3:28 am | Permalink

    punjab state electricity board has started the facilty of payment of electricity bills thro internet. when will the water supply and sanitation board come up with such a facility in the near future



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