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Hello and Welcome to Courses.Ind.in. Education in India is a fast growing field and it is difficult for one to catch up with the latest news updates and Happening in universities, colleges and entrance exams. We have tried to cover almost every topic related to Indian education. Right from Colleges Admission, Entrance Exams, University News and everything else related to them.

A good web site is a combination of good and latest information. Other than information, We also post question that are being put up by our visitors. If you know the answers, just write your answer in the comment box provided under the question. We will evaluate the authenticity of your answer and approve it so that the asker will get a reply. We love to get feedback from people like you who if or if not find suitable information can just point out where we are wrong / right / if updated or not. Please comment on the articles that you have visited and give us feedback. Your feedback can help us as well as others who visit this web site. Do remember to mention you name and email too for better communication.

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