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Default ECIL Placement Papers Download

Discuss about ecil placement papers download here. Welcome to Courses.ind.in and this page is for ecil placement papers download discussion. If you are looking for information on ecil placement papers download then ask your question is as much details as possible in the “Reply” box provided below. The more detailed your question will be, the more easy will it be for our experts to answers your query. And if you have any updated or latest information on ecil placement papers download, then please share you knowledge with our experts in the “Reply” box below. Your reply will be published here and your knowledge can help many people. Thanks for stopping by at Courses.ind.in. Please visit again.
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Default Re: ecil placement papers download

Hi buddy here I am looking for ECIL Placement Papers to do preparation of this exam , so will you plz let me know from where I can do download it ??
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Default Re: ecil placement papers download

As you want here I am giving below ECIL Placement Papers to do preparation of this exam .
1.8086/88 processor is a

a.8 bit processor

b.16.bit processor

c.32 bit processor

d.62 bit processor

2.The RAM memory capacity in a 8086 is (PC)





3.IRQ1 -Interrupt is used by





4.The system frequency is generated by

a.clock generator

DMA controller



5.The display adapter also give the provision for printer controller is





6.The Turbo switch is used to select the

a. System speed

b. Memory capacity

c. No.of floppy drive

d. Type of display adapter

7 Wait state-can be introduced by


b.DMA wait

c.i/O CH RDY

d.both b & c

8.TIMERO is used to

a.set the date/time

b.generate DMA request for memory return

c.Various tone for speaker


9.DMA channel 2 is used for

a.floppy disk drive

b.hard disk drive

c.clock generator


10.ROM will hold the programs for



c.BASIC intruppter


11 Double density recording in floppy disk is also called as

a. modified frequency modulation

b.frequency modulation

c.media frequency modulation


12 The Port used by printer in PC,adressed 378H is

a.COM 1


c.LPT 1

d.LPT 2

13. Type of scanning used in monitor

a.Random access scan

b.shadow mask

c.Raster scan

d.Beam penetration

14 The anlog monitor can be used only by

a.CCG adapter

b.VGA adapter



15 The information for underlining a character while displaying is stored in


b.Character generator ROM

c.Video RAM


16 If the power good signal in SMPS is low

a.System reset

b.system works

c.system in wait

d.system failure

17. +12V in SMPS is used for

a.floppy disk drive

b.dynamic memeory refresh

c.by I/o port RS 232C

d.mother board

18. In POST audio error code 1 long beep and two short beeps will be produced when

a.power supply failure

b.mother baord failure

c.FDC failiure

d.video adapter card failure

19 The eror code 601 stands for

a.HDC failure

b.RAM failure

c.FDC failure


20. OSC frequency is

24 MHZ



d.14.61 MHZ

21. Switch 2 in Mode swith informs about

a.the number of drive

b.type of dispaly adapter.

c.presence of co-processor


22 Logic probe is used to test the digital signals status

a.in low

b.in high



23 The power line problem in under voltage is called




24low regulationIsolation transformers is used to avoid

a spikes

b.block out

c.brown out


25 In servo Stablizer the boost buck circuit is selected by

a.relay switch


c.Steppe motor


26 The type of flat panel monitor is

a.shadow mask CRT

b.beam benetration type

c.plasma panel


27. --------is an impact type printer

a.Laser printer

ink jet

c.Dot matrix

d.Bubble jet

28. Frame buffer also called as

a.buffer RAM

b.video RAM

c.character generator'


29.Popular Locator device is

a Mouse

b.Flat bed plotter


d.Laser printer

30 Conversion of digital to analog in monitor is done by

a.CRT controller


c.Shift regular

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