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I want to do Diploma In Financial Trading in Institute of Investing & Financial Trading IIFT Dublin so can you provide me the details of the program?


The Diploma In Financial Trading course covers the primary principles of trading used by market professionals and is presented by IIFT’s team of in-house lecturers led by Peter Brown.

Diploma In Financial Trading

The Diploma is for people who want to explore trading independently and take charge of their own trading strategies.

Peter’s clear and concise style garnered from over 25 years of trading experience is unique in trading education. Highlights of the course include:

Trading styles, strategies, risk management, economic macro views and technical analysis

Advanced trading techniques, set-ups and edges developed by the team that have proved successful time and time again.

Event Name Diploma in Financial Trading

Topics Covered Technical Analysis, Risk Management, Fundamental
Analysis, Trading Strategies, Physchology of Trading, Trading Techniques, Regulation & Macro View

Event Date Monthly

Duration of Event 14 hours in class – one evening per week for 7 weeks 32hrs Practical Live Trading Experience – 4 Full 8 hrs Days

Venue 26 Lr Baggot Street.

Course Content-

Introduction to Trading

• Learning what trading is really about.
• What it entails
• Requirements to develop earning potential
Risk Management

• Utilising your capital without exposing it to volatile swings
How The Markets Work

• Learning the inside track into how professional participants work the markets
Fundamental Analysis

• The development and maintenance of a macroeconomic view of the markets
Technical Analysis

• Advanced technical analysis techniques, essential in successful trading
Trading Strategies

• Professional trading strategies and techniques
Analysing Economic Data

• Economic news – how to interpret it and how to react

• Entry and Exit principles and techniques
Personalised Trading Strategies

• Strategies that suit your lifestyle
The Psychology of Trading

• Living with trading, the techniques that keep stress to a minimum
Platform Introduction

• Best Practice
Advanced Trading Techniques 1

• Gap Play trading techniques
Advanced Trading Techniques 2

• Fade Trading Techniques
Advanced Trading Techniques 3

• Range trading trade techniques
Access to 4 quarterly live trading days (Practical application of skills in a Live Trading environment)

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