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MD And Chairman Of HDFC Bank


Hii sir, I Wants to get the Information About the Chairman And Managing Director of the HDFC Bank Will you Please Provide It ?


As you Asking for the Information About the Chairman And Managing Director of the HDFC Bank the Information is given below

The Chairman of the HDFC Bank is Mrs. Shyamala Gopinath

Education :
Mrs. Shyamala Gopinath holds a Master’s Degree in Commerce and is a CAIIB. Mrs. Gopinath has over 39 years of experience in financial sector policy formulation in different capacities at RBI.

Career :
As Deputy Governor of RBI for seven years and member of the Board, Mrs. Gopinath had been guiding and influencing the national policies in the diverse areas of financial sector regulation and supervision, development and regulation of financial markets, capital account management, management of government borrowings, forex reserves management and payment and settlement systems.

During 2001-03, Mrs. Gopinath worked as senior financial sector expert in the then Monetary Affairs and Exchange Department of the International Monetary Fund (Financial Institutions Division).

She was responsible for preparing the accompanying document to the Guidelines on Foreign Exchange Reserve Management detailing country practices.


Mrs. Gopinath was a member of the FSAP missions to Tanzania, Nigeria, Hungary and Poland and the Foreign Exchange and Reserve Management team to Turkey and Kosovo.

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